We've designed the perfect size bags for you to store and carry your FlowerWalls into events. 


Each bag will fit up to 10 cable tied panels, 300cm high x 80cm wide (tied portrait) in a roll. Of course, if your FlowerWall is 240cm high x 80cm, these bags will also work for you. 


Keep the dust and dirt away from your FlowerWall and look professional for you to carry into venues. 



3m x 3.2m FlowerWall - 4 Bags 

2.4m x 2.4m FlowerWall - 3 Bags

2.4m x 3.2m FlowerWall - 4 Bags 

3m x 6m FlowerWall - 8 Bags 


VAT is added to the total price at the checkout.


FlowerWall Storage Bags